About Protect Our Care IL

Our Mission

Protect our Care Illinois is a statewide coalition of health care advocates, providers, consumers, and workers, working prevent the repeal of the ACA, prevent disastrous changes to Medicaid, and protect and expand access to quality affordable health care.

Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to ensuring eligibility, coverage and access to affordable, comprehensive, and quality health insurance and will oppose and fight any proposal or policy that reduces them.
  • Any ACA replacement plan must provide health insurance coverage that is as comprehensive, or better than the current existing provisions under the ACA, to as many or more people.
  • Block grant/per-capita limits are bad policies because they would severely cut Medicaid and thus block healthcare access for Illinois’ Medicaid consumers, harm the state budget, and destabilize health providers. We will oppose and fight all proposals and policies to block grant or add per-capita limits to the Medicaid program.
  • Elected officials must be held accountable for voting against these principles.  Reductions to healthcare access will harm people’s health, and elected officials have a responsibility to protect the health of the public.

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