We Call on the Illinois Legislature to Reject Governor Rauner’s FY19 Budget

Protect Our Care Illinois urges the legislature to soundly reject the proposed budget introduced by Governor Rauner yesterday. The Governor proposes a $150 million cut to the Medicaid program, threatening access to care for the over 3.2 million Illinoisans including children, seniors, and people with disabilities who depend on the program. Medicaid helps fund hospitals, nursing homes, early childhood programs, and special education. Medicaid is the largest insurer in the State and is an essential driver of the Illinois economy, not only keeping our residents healthy enough to attend school and work but also employing our neighbors in community medical centers. Governor Rauner is proposing drastic cuts to Medicaid in a year in which Medicaid has been under attack at the federal level. The Trump administration and Congress have attempted again and again to repeal the Affordable Care Act and after failing repeatedly, have taken aim at the Medicaid program in the President’s recently introduced budget. Don’t let the federal government dictate what is right for Illinois and don’t let the Governor play into their hands – keep the Medicaid program whole and Illinois healthy. Reject any cuts to the Medicaid program.