Protect Our Care Illinois Denounces the Trump Administration’s Proposal to Bring Back Junk Insurance

The Trump Administration’s proposal that extends short-term health insurance plans to almost 12 months, rolls back essential consumer protections, placing individuals and families at risk for finical hardship as a result of inadequate coverage disguised as affordable insurance.

The proposed rule to extend short-term plans allows insurance plans to skirt the consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and offer sub par coverage that does not include essential health benefits. For example, under the proposed rules, plans in Illinois could exclude prescription drugs, prenatal care/delivery and treatment of injury resulting from playing organized sports. The rule will entice healthy individuals to purchase these cheap though inadequate plans and result in higher premiums, or coverage denial for individuals with illnesses and pre-existing conditions.

The administration claims they are offering consumers more choice, but in reality they’re raising costs for older and less healthy Americans at the expense of offering cheaper coverage to younger and healthy individuals that likely won’t be enough to cover the incredible cost of unexpected injury or illness.

Once again, the Administration is working hard to sabotage health coverage for individuals instead of stabilizing the Marketplace and helping individuals and families afford high quality, comprehensive coverage that keeps them healthy and safe guards them from the financial ruin of inadequate healthcare.

Protect Our Care Illinois will be submitting comments on this proposed rule and we suggest all Illinoisans do the same. Let HHS know you support the ACA and don’t want to see it undermined: You can submit a comment here. Public comments must be received no later than 5 p.m. Eastern time on April 23, 2018.