Protect Our Care Illinois denounces Public Charge rule aiming to punish immigrant families further

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has proposed a new regulation that could threaten the health and well-being of millions of children and families.

“Public charge” is a test used to decide if someone can obtain a visa or a green card. The administration has proposed a new definition of public charge that would block immigrant families from having a permanent, secure future in the United States. Under the new rule, immigrants who legally access health care, safe housing and healthy food programs could be denied admission to the country or refused a green card. The proposed rule also makes clear that earning low wages, having children, or dealing with a medical condition could be held against immigrants seeking a permanent future in the United States.

Experts warn that the plan would worsen hunger, unmet health needs, and other problems by making immigrant families — including families with children — afraid to get the help they need. Protect Our Care Illinois urges the Trump Administration to rescind its public charge proposal immediately.

It’s not final yet—but the clock is ticking. Federal law requires that the administration give the public an opportunity to comment on this expansive proposal until December 10, 2018. Take a few minutes now to post a public comment decrying this inhumane attack on the health and wellbeing of countless families, communities, and children at Commenters will not be required to give their address or divulge their immigration status. Advocates will post updates on, as available.

We need to move swiftly. Protect Our Care Illinois will submit public comments opposing the proposal, and we urge organizations and individuals across Illinois to speak out against this deplorable rule by submitting a public comment before the December 10th comment deadline.