Protect Our Care Illinois Calls on the General Assembly to Protect Illinoisans From Looming Federal Health Care Attacks

The Trump Administration just unveiled its long-expected proposal to reverse health care protections for women, LGBTQ+ people and non-English speakers who are seeking care – issuing a draft rule that seeks to undo key parts of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Section 1557 is the nondiscrimination provision of the ACA – also known as the Health Care Rights Law – which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in any health program or activity any part of which received funding from HHS. This includes the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and insurers that operate within the Marketplace.

The Trump proposed rule makes changes to non-discrimination protections in healthcare, significantly cutting back protections for women, LGBTQ+ people and people with limited English proficiency. It takes away express prohibition of discrimination based on gender identity and allows health insurers to discriminate in programs not directly receiving federal financial assistance.

“Protect our Care Illinois strongly opposes the Trump Administration’s insidious move to sanction discrimination and to further disenfranchise non-English speakers in our healthcare system,” says Protect Our Care Illinois Campaign Manager, Graciela Guzman.

This morning’s announcement is just one of the most recent myriad efforts to undermine access to healthcare and protections via the ACA and is a clear example of why we must call on our state officials to protect healthcare for Illinoisans.

We call on the General Assembly to protect Illinoisans from damaging and looming attacks on our healthcare through two steps that can be completed before the end of this legislative season on May 30th:

1. Support HB471 – the Freedom from Aggressive Insurance Increases Review (FAIIR) Act

Ensuring the Department of Insurance has the power to reject unreasonable and discriminatory rates is crucial to do right now. The relentless attacks on healthcare from the Trump Administration have not stopped and will only continue, leaving state officials in a position to try to fix problems for consumers long after the fact. This latest attack is one of the problems we do not want to be chasing. Illinoisans need protection, predictability, and stability when it comes to their healthcare.

Passing HB 471 is urgent and must be a priority for the General Assembly where the bill has successfully passed the House but has remained stuck in the Senate Insurance Committee. We call on our General Assembly members in the Senate to VOTE YES ON HB 471. 

2. Support SR 264 – the Protect ACA Resolution

On July 9th, a federal appeals court will hear the Trump-backed Texas vs. Azar case, which seeks to find the the entirety of the ACA unconstitutional. If this ruling is upheld, it would threaten the health and insurance coverage for over five million individuals in Illinois with pre-existing conditions, over two million people enrolled in Medicare, and 3.2 million people enrolled in Medicaid. In addition, this potential ruling would cause consumer protections to vanish overnight and would unleash chaos in our healthcare system.

We call on our General Assembly members in the Senate to affirm and protect the healthcare of Illinoisans and support SR 264 – the Protect ACA Resolution.