Statement: Protect Our Care Illinois disappointed by committee vote on HB3493


Springfield, IL (March 4, 2020) – Today the Protect Our Care Illinois (POCIL) Coalition released the following statement: 

We are disappointed by the outcome of today’s committee vote on HB3493, a bill to empower consumers by creating a Prescription Drug Affordability Board, an independent state board to review increasing drug prices and put a check on the unbridled power of big Pharma.

Recent polling data conducted in Illinois shows over half of Illinoisans reported experiencing a health care affordability burden and one in four ration or skip prescription medications due to high costs. Over eight in ten adults in Illinois said that they want the government to take decisive action, including establishing a Prescription Drug Affordability Board.

The people of Illinois have made it clear that they need common sense solutions that release them from the nocuous compromise between affording prescription drugs or other basic needs. Today the inaction of members of the General Assembly spoke volumes by denying the people of Illinois access to affordable prescription drugs. It’s simple: prescription drugs don’t work if you can’t afford them! 

Protect Our Care Illinois will continue to elevate the stories of hard working Illinoisans who cannot afford their life saving medications. We are dedicated to working alongside the champions of this issue to ensure all Illinoisans have access to the medications they need to live full and healthy lives.