The fight is not over, take action today! 

Durbin and DuckworthAlthough yesterday’s vote brings the Senate one step closer to their goal of repealing the ACA and gutting Medicaid, our fight is far from over. With the passage of the Motion to Proceed, the Senate is now in the midst of a mandatory twenty hours of floor debate, followed by consideration of a lengthy list of amendments. There is a lot that still needs to happen before they can take a final vote.

We haven’t lost this fight and every minute that the debate continues is a minute that we can get closer to stopping repeal of the ACA once and for all! 

While we don’t know which of the several bad options the Senate will ultimately vote on, we know one thing, people will suffer if any of their proposals succeed. We need to spend every last ounce of energy (and we know you’ve already given a lot of your energy) to make it clear that repealing the ACA and gutting Medicaid simply is not an option.

So here is what you can do NOW to save health care:

  1. Tweet at Sen. Durbin and Sen. Duckworth and thank them for continuing to stand strong for the people of Illinois. They have a long week ahead of them, too, and we need to make sure they know we have their backs.
  2. Call your U.S. Representative (1-866-877-3303) and demand that they oppose any bill which leaves more people uninsured or cuts Medicaid. If the Senate succeeds in passing a bill, it still needs to go back to the House, whether for a speedy vote or a conference committee. We need to keep the pressure up on House members while we still have time.
  3. Participate in the Indivisible phone bank to encourage voters in states with undecided senators to make calls in support of health care–all from the comfort of your own home!
  4. Join the Lives on the Line rally in Chicago on July 29! Part of a national day of action, Americans will come together across the country to say: Our lives are on the line if Republicans pass Trumpcare and strip our health coverage.
  5. Be ready to show up this week! Things are going to move very quickly from here and it seems that Mitch McConnell wants to take a final health care vote before the end of the day on Friday. Win or lose we need to be prepared to take to the streets in defense of health care. No matter what happens this week, the fight to defend health care is not over.

You have already done so much and we are in awe of what we’ve been able to accomplish. The next three days could decide the fate of health care for a generation, so let’s get out there and finish strong!